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Cold Storage

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State of the art Facility. Prime Location.

Eastern Propak is a state of the art facility located only minutes away from the major Delware ports, offering easy access to all major hubs on the East Coast. In addition to our other services we also offer Forced Air Cooling, Crossdocking and Certified Cold Treatment Rooms. With the addition of our new on-site building, Eastern Propak will offer over 8500 pallets positions. We have the space for any of your produce needs.

We are Primus GFS Certified, Food safety is a primary focus.

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Experience in Repacking. Temperature Controlled Rooms.

Our repack spaces all have a temperature controlled environment, which allows us to maintain the cold chain.

Eastern Propak offers a full range of repack options, including all forms of restyling and reconditioning.

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Our State of the Art Baggers. We have all the formats.

Our state of the art Daumar equipment allows us to offer a comprehensive range of pack sizes from 1lb to 5lb and to maximize the output.

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Contact Us.

Contact Information


800 Ellis St. Glassboro NJ 08028


Shipping and Receiving:

Ext. 31 - Luis Roman

Ext. 25 - Michele Otera

Ext. 26 - Jeff Brenner

Ext. 30 - Steve Danner


Ext. 21 - Donna Riccelli

Ext. 23 - Annette Moskowitz


Ext. 22 - Jeff Danner

Ext. 28 - Jackie Arroyo

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